Cinzia Leopardi 

Begings at the age of ten with Lo Zecchino D'Oro, on that occasion she meets Master Bellucci, who puts her in a large choir, called the Squirrel Choir, engraving her first 45 laps titled "From My Home Window" doing a tour all over Italy. At the age of twelve she meets a band, and starts touring all around Italy. At the age of 14 she joins in an orchestra with dancers and comedians, and on this occasion she meets the singer, Robertino, who brings her to a singing school of the RAI orchestra professor, Caio Bascerano.

He entered the stable of a large agency, named Studio 5, and there she begings to work with artists such as Gigi Sabani, Rich and Poor, Little Tony, and many more. After a few years she participates in a tour across the Italy with Gilda Giuliani. After a short time, she meets Vasco Rossi, and begings working with him, collaborating in recording studio in the making of his records.

Cinzia participates in her first Castrocaro Festival, with the organization of Gianni Ravera, arriving in the semifinals.
Cinzia made her second 45 turn, titled "Al Trocadero by night" with the record company Durium, along with two other girls, "Le Smalto". Shortly after, she joins a project called "No Drug No to Violence" with great artists of sports, entertainment, song and cinema such as Marisa Laurito, Claudia Cardinale, Martine Brochard and many more, with a compilation that brought her into many television shows like "Pronto is the RAI", "Yesterday Goggi and Tomorrow" with Loretta Goggi, Maurizio Costanzo Show and many more.

She participates for the second time at Castrocaro Festival, with the organization of Dino Vitola, and arrives in the final. She starts to tour in America, Canada, Argentina, Tunisia, Switzerland, France, with great names in the Italian music of the 1960s, such as Orietta Berti, Bobby Solo, Edoardo Vianello, Tony Dallara and Gianni Nazzaro. She sees her as an actor singer, protagonist of a beautiful musical called "Allow This Dance" with the Tuscan actor Enio Drovandi, protagonist of so many films.

Over the years Cinzia has continued making and organizing big events with many artists, receiving many awards, both in theaters and organizational activity.

Cinzia has worked in different radios, local and online, as an interviewer.

Cinzia has worked for a few years in the television broadcasts of Gold Tv and Italia Nove Network.

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